Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Queensland Healths $100,000 Supersize Me Ambulance Service

Following up on Ian, Crapmeister in Chief's thoughts on Queensland Health who failed to come to aid of one of their employees, a remote health worker who had been raped, we see that there has been a change of heart when it comes to their customers.

Queensland Health was forced to charter a Hercules aircraft from the Defence Force because it had no ambulances or planes big enough to transport a 240kg patient.

Even though the woman was deemed well enough to travel by road from Mount Isa to Townsville the Queensland Ambulance Service had no vehicles capable of carrying her.

She was even too large to be safely carried in King Air light aircraft operated by the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

A Defence Force spokesman confirmed a C-130 Hercules was despatched from the RAAF base at Richmond, Sydney after a request from the Queensland government.

The cost to taxpayers was not disclosed but a Hercules aircraft costs about $13,000 an hour to operate, putting the total cost of the nine-hour operation at more than $100,000.

Woohoo! That's a lot of rates and GST.

Now why could they not have helped out their employee who had been raped?

No wonder health care is expensive.


James Higham said...

240kg - what a life.

Nunyaa said...

How sad that someone can get to that size.

heat pump NZ said...

Qeensland health I think, should learn to value life more than anything else.