Sunday, April 27, 2008

Pierre's New Penguin Suit

Pierre the penguin has a new penguin suit so that he can swim in the cold water. His version of the penguin universe normally lives to 20 and Pierre is 25 and balding.

The experiment has proved to be a success. In the six weeks since Pierre started wearing the suit, he has been thriving, able to plunge into water and interact normally with his fellow penguins. He has gained weight and has even grown new feathers to help cover up that pink behind. His penguin friends don't seem to mind that he looks at bit different – they all have white stomachs while his, with the suit on, is black.
Onya Old Guy

We have Larry, the relatives ancient Australian Terrier to stay while they are on vacation. He is completely deaf, incontinent and waddles around in an old and infirm way. No fun to be old. Still cute, just like Pierre.


James Higham said...

The incontinence is the worst aspect. Poopy pants would be no fun I'd imagine.

Jayne said...

Canine nappies sooo clash with their owners haute couture fashion labels :P

Relax Max said...

I love your (rather warped) sense of humor. And the pictures. You're sort of a scary person, mate.

Nunyaa said...

Haha laughing at the last commenter's avatar....cute. Bless the little penguin least he can now join in with the others. Just follow the puppy around with a pooper scooper.