Thursday, April 03, 2008

Pet of the Day - Higgins the Pig

Our friend Joanne has an interesting pet which she inherited from her son, who had a very serious car accident. She got the pig because she is a Buddhist and vegetarian and was the most likely not to roast it.

Every day she prepares a meal like this for him. She has to go around bakers and vegetable shops and pick up supplies, cook up some past and lentils to keep in the style that he is accustomed. Two thirds of her very nice fridge is filled with his supplies.

Personally that is way too much. We could probably feed our whole family for a week with most of this food.

Spotty was extremely nervous when we went to visit last weekend. I am sure Higgins might have him for lunch. I am not sure how long I could share the love with a pig.

My personal ambition is to get a kangaroo or a wallaby. Very impractical. Perhaps we could rent one for a few weeks. I recently watched the Spike Milligan documentary made with the cooperation of his family. I loved his Australian connection and his friend with the steel bath that they lit a fire under who had kangaroos in the back yard. Now that would be stereotypically Aussie.

Update: Nunyaa will save you Higgins if things are looking barbacueish.


Nunyaa said...

Aww Higgins is cute but you DON'T eat the pets !

Colin Campbell said...

We have no pets other than the rabbits that would be satisfactory in that department. I can just imagine the horror in the kids faces if I told them that they were eating Ben and Daisy. Will not happen. Higgins on the other hand, I could envisage.

Nunyaa said...

I shall save Higgins Lol, watch a space at my site :-)

James Higham said...

Ah, now I understand

Colin Campbell said...

Higgins appreciates your interest and concern.

Anonymous said...

I prefer pets that have some kind of use. If I want something that eats me out of house and home, well...I've got kids!!!!

Colin Campbell said...


Exactly my thoughts. Joanne's kids are grown so I feel that she is punishing herself unnecessarily.

She has earned a break.