Thursday, October 02, 2008

Eat Kangaroo and Save the World

Australians are being encouraged to eat Skippy in a bid to reduce the all farting all greenhous gas belching bovines so popular on Aussie Barbies, by Kevin Rudds Chief Greenhouse Gas Spinmeister, Professor Garnaut.

"Sheep and cattle production is highly vulnerable to the biophysical impacts of climate change, such as water scarcity," he says.
"Australian marsupials emit negligible amounts of methane from enteric fermentation. This could be a source of international comparative advantage for Australia in livestock production.

Australian Endangered Species?
"For most of Australia's human history of around 60,000 years, kangaroo was the main source of meat. It could again become important."

In a poll in the Australian, 85 percent of respondents seemed open to this. I quite like Kangaroo meat. You just have to cook it with a delicate touch. No stewing and no well done steaks. It is easily available in the Supermarket and very popular in Russia, which is one of the largest export markets for Skippy Steaks and Minced Skippy.

I loved the use of the term biophysical impacts of climate change or what you or I may say, where has all the water gone? Why can't people just use plain English?

I mean I could walk down the road on a day like today (clear, sunny, blue sky and 25 degrees) and comment on the positive biophysical impact of climate change to anyone who would listen.

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Crushed said...


Not sure that can quite be held up.

Incidently, the first naturalists to study them decided they were rodents. The Echidna was lumped in with the Edentates as well.

James Higham said...

I'll stick to the methane, thanks.

Anonymous said...

I love that the point of least resistance wasn't vegetarianism... but eating a different animal. Figures. lol

jmb said...

I'm sure if we wait long enough there will be something detrimental about Skippy meat too.

Ms Smack said...

I've had roo cooked traditionally in the fire, and at home on the fry pan in a variety of methods but I just don't like it. Emu on the other hand is delicious!

Anonymous said...

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