Thursday, October 30, 2008

How Low Can You Go?

What could possibly motivate this kind of evil behaviour?

A blind flamingo believed to be one of the oldest in the world is in a critical condition after being bashed at Adelaide Zoo. Four teenagers have been charged after visitors reported an incident to zoo staff that has left the unnamed male greater flamingo, aged about 78, "extremely stressed".

Zoo birdkeeper Nicholas Bishop told The Advertiser that it was impossible to know their precise ages and sexes.

"But I think he is the oldest in the world," Mr Bishop said at the time.

The bird lives on a diet of hard-boiled eggs, whitebait, lettuce, duck pellets and bird seed.

Adelaide Zoo has many open exhibits and at an international zoo convention here last week, experts commented on the proximity and closeness that the flamingos get to zoo visitors at the zoo. After 70 years that proved to be a horrific premonition.

I used to love to watch the flamingos during my primary school trips to Edinburgh zoo. That and the penguins.

And an appropriate punishment? Perhaps a set of stocks beside the flamingo cage or a humiliation cage or a years animal poo clean up duty.

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CalumCarr said...

Couldn't agree more. What kind of person can get enjoyment from this? Mind you, I suppose every community (well almost, has people who commit apparently mindless violence

Jayne said...

We shall take these hideous little creatures and sell tickets for people to smack them around a little ...I'm sure the public will find it as entertaining as these flucked up little shytes thought bashing an aged, defenceless animal was fun.

Ms Smack said...

This really brought me to tears. He is over 70, defenceless and the attacks were made in broad daylight. What the hell is going through those kids minds? :(