Monday, August 11, 2008

Granny the Doll Maker

Granny Pauline is a very talented doll maker and both the kids have dolls and toys that she has made for them over the years. I find it quite incredible, the detail and craft associated with her hobby. That and the incredible patience. Yesterday she stayed over after winning in both her catgories at the the Adelaide Doll and Teddy Show. She was dudded out of the top doll of the show and the big cash prize ($100) by the Doll Making Mafia who felt she should have styled the hair of the Christmas Teddy out shopping. She was docked one point and ended up being second to her biggest rival. She was spitting.

Those competitive doll and teddy crafters. Don't cross stitch them.

Zemanta Pixie


jmb said...

Those dollmakers can be very nasty it appears, even for a lousy $100. But it would be no different if it were $10.

She is very talented indeed. Better luck next year Granny Pauline.

Anonymous said...

where can I buy or views these dolls by granny pauline???