Tuesday, August 05, 2008

South African Boy Makes Good

Ego Pietersen has been crowned King by the England and Wales Cricket Board.

Lke a city whizkid or a great captain of industry, Pietersen is ambitious for ambition's sake, which does not sit easily with those who misconstrue his motives. Englishmen in particular, with their ingrained love of the underdog, find it hard to accept those who aren't content merely to bumble along in life and settle for second-best. And yet, the basic premise of sport is the quest to be the best, a challenge that Pietersen has embraced as if he were Roger Federer or Tiger Woods. He has no interest in being anything less than the greatest player who has ever lived, but unlike so many wannabes who mouth off and then vanish, he has consistently shown the talent, chutzpah and audacity to back up his promises with deeds.

Doesn't sound too English and it certainly seems very radical for such a stuffy organisation like the ECB. They are only slightly more progressive than the International Cricket Board and there must have been some tortuous discussions as the prince was coronated.

I wonder if that will be enough to get Shane Warne to come out of retirement for the Ashes next year?
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TBRRob said...

Lets remember Vaugn was at the height of his career before he became England captain.

I hope Pieterson isn't in for a fall.

Colin Campbell said...

I was just talking about how dominant Vaughn was in a losing cause when I first came to Australia in 2002. It must be a worry.

I think anybody who is interested in a competitive England team has to hope that it works out. I mean there really isn't anybody else with the stature and the je ne sais quoi which will be required to compete with Australia next year.

Australia have quite a few young players that will be ready to step up for the next series.