Friday, August 22, 2008

Talk to the Animals Gone Mad

I have always liked penguins from my school trips to Edinburgh Zoo as a child. They are interesting fairly self contained animals and the humiliation of having humans watch them eat their tea didn't seem to phase them. This penguin seems very graceful as he is knighted by the Norwegians. Pretty silly, but then there are lots of those that have been awarded that are less deserving than Nils, who seems to have earned his by his nationality and loyalty to his countrymen.

I was always intrigued by Dr Doolittle when I was a kid. It was such a great idea that some humans could talk to animals. I wonder what animals really think of that. With the sad story of Colin the baby whale reaching its inevitable conclusion in Sydney Harbour, despite the best efforts of animal lovers to work out the formula for whale milk and plans to mix it up in a fuel supply teat,  it is encouraging to see a more uplifting animal story getting some coverage. It would make me proud to be a penguin.  Arise Sir Nils. Now flap your wings, go for a swim, eat some fish like a good boy.

On the other hand, I am sorry my name is associated with such a sad event. I'll get over it I think. What is it with humans and animals?

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Jayne said...

It's because animals have souls and are as individual as the up-right walking human species ;)

Anonymous said...

I was at Edinburgh Zoo just last month, watched the penguins jump of the diving board. Animals are great, I have 2 dogs sitting at my feet as I type.. make that whining, clawing.. ok ok.. I'll feed you..