Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Elizabeth

This is one of my favourites from here early years before I knew her. She recently scanned in all the photographs that she could find. I was amazed how many there were and so many in colour. I have hardly any in colour until I was about 10. Our Box Brownie was put to fairly regular use, but you could only take 8 in a roll so shots were very selective.

We had a little party last night, which the kids were very keen to organise the night before. Last night they just wanted to play on the computer, watch the television and hang out with mum. The social organiser had to do all the cooking and dusting. They did eat some cake, which was decorated pancakes in the shape of her age, and sing Happy Birthday at least. We had a party earlier at Granny's on the weekend. Perhaps they were partied out.

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jmb said...

Happy Birthday to Elizabeth. Typical kid behaviour, great ideas but a bit unreliable on the delivery.