Sunday, November 30, 2008

Australian Idol Visionary Dies in Denmark

The Danish Architect whose vision, more than 50 years ago, allowed for the development of suitable facilities to house the Grand Final of Australian Idol has died aged 90.

Joern Utzon we salute your vision.


Lilly said...

You make me laugh - the sad thing is that most kids would only associate the Opera House with Idol too!

jmb said...

I remember going to the Sydney Art Gallery where all the submissions for the design of the opera house were on display after he was chosen. As I recall it was very rudimentary. Of course it was also very controversial and unbuildable as it turned out but somehow or other it was completed and it is truly a wonderful building, although I hear it is undergoing renovations. I did the tour many years later and it was extremely interesting.

Colin Campbell said...

All we hear here in South Australia is that the winner is from the Northern Suburbs of South Australia, rather like Guy "I'm a raving Christian" Sebastian. Sounds like this years winner can sing a hell of a lot better than Guy. Uh oh. Last time I slammed Guy Sebastian I got a lot of Guy's fan club out defending him.