Sunday, November 30, 2008

Move Over Movember Here Comes Decembeard?

Having never grown a moustache before, I am quietly satisfied that I can if a months growth can be used to judge. I have had some fun and raised some money for Movember, for men's mental health and prostate cancer research . I didn't sign up to participate until I could be sure that it would work. Who needs extra stress in life. And over a stupid mo. Not worth it.

Last week on the radio there were a couple of guys who sang in a band and they only sang songs about beards, written by themselves. Their next big project is to push people who do Movember to participate in Decembeard. Good luck. I know that there is a huge market for fake beards at that time of year, but I won't be joining them by going all hirsute for charity. A moustache is itchy and annoying, a minor novelty, but not exactly a fashion statement. My daughter even suggested a goatee. That you can mark my words, will not be happening.

The razor will be busy in the morning.

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Relax Max said...

I grew a beard (of sorts) when I went on vacation one time for two weeks, then let it grow another month or so when I got back. My wife was the driving force in me finally shaving. You look good in a mustache. And congratulations on publicizing and helping with that good cause.

Still thinking about the bubbles and drunks, and very sorry to hear the architect has passed away. He really had great ideas.