Thursday, November 20, 2008

Unusual Cricket Occurences

Andrew Symonds on the way to his maiden Test h...Image via WikipediaAndrew Symonds scored 8 runs of one ball by running four runs and then got four overthrows from sloppy New Zealand fielding during the first test in Brisbane between Australia and New Zealand.

Bummer to be out two balls later.

End of over 45 (3 runs) - Australia 124/4
MJ Clarke 48* (123b 6x4) DL Vettori 1-0-3-0
A Symonds 18* (28b 3x4) IE O'Brien 11-4-25-0
45.1 O'Brien to Symonds, no run, bangs in the bouncer and that sails over Symonds' arched back
45.2 O'Brien to Symonds, no run, Was that dropped? Can't tell for sure, Symonds clubs a short ball and the ball goes straight to Redmond at short midwicket
45.3 O'Brien to Symonds, 7 runs, Now Symonds clubs another short ball from outside off, the ball just falls short of the rope at deep midwicket and they run four, worse for N there are four overthrows as well as the ball beats the keeper. Due to scoring issues the ball is being scored as 7 runs for the moment. It's complicated and I really can't explain why
45.4 O'Brien to Symonds, 1 run
45.5 O'Brien to Symonds, OUT, what a dramatic over! O'Brien pitches it just a shade outside off and gets Symonds to poke at it, the edge is taken and O'Brien is really pumped up in his celebration

A Symonds c wicketkeeperMcCullum b O'Brien 26 (33b 3x4 0x6) SR: 78.78
There's a lot of confusion about the 46th over. The scoring software doesn't have a provision for 8 runs so it was scored as 7 runs for one ball and 1 off the next. Symonds was indeed on strike for all three balls.
45.6 O'Brien to Watson, no run, wide outside off and lets it go
End of over 46 (8 runs) - Australia 132/5
SR Watson 0* (1b) IE O'Brien 12-4-33-1

And here is a 12 from Yuvraj at a Footy Stadium in Melbourne during the stupid World XI versus Australia Series a few years ago.

Eight runs is obviously quite unusual because the Cricinfo scoring software does not allow it.

Curious how often that happens in a Test Match.

Go you Kiwis! Stick it to the ArrogantAussies. Interesting that the betting has hardly moved. People must think that if second rate Kiwi bowlers can do this then New Zealand will be bowled out for about 50. It is just like the stock market. Who knows? Entertaining all the same.

Australians hate to lose to the Kiwis. It would be worse than losing to Bangladesh.

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