Friday, November 21, 2008

Aussie Blokes Changing?

As the Annual Ernies are reported today, sexism is alive and well in Australia. Some of these are classic and represent an era, surely on its way out. The Gold Ernie went to the Mayor of Mt Isa, a mining town in Queensland, who did about as good a job for for inward migration as Lara Bingle did for tourism.
Councillor John Moloney who said, there are a number of quotes here, that "beauty disadvantaged women should proceed to Mt Isa where women are outnumbered five to one."

He said, "It's a compliment. A woman can come here and transfer themselves with love and devotion in marriage from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan. It can have a complete transformation for a woman."

And finally he said that "women who protested about these comments were blaming him for their looks."
That said there is a change of behaviour and it seems that quiche and white wine rather than dead animal and slabs of beer are showing up at the Aussie Barbie. What will the bogan blokes do while the ladies are making the salad? Survey says. Not quite yet.

Are real Aussie blokes metrosexuals or bogans?

9% (96 votes)
46% (460 votes)
In between
43% (427 votes)
Total votes
Total of 983 votes

For the record I would say that I am in between.


Anonymous said...

I'm not too keen on the whole metrosexual thing.

Colin Campbell said...

You can come to a barbie at my house any time.

James Higham said...

I'm staying away from Mt. Isa.

Anonymous said...

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