Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sarah Palin Thanksgiving Special

Would you like your Thanksgiving Turkey Shaken or Stirred?

On Thursday, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin appeared in Wasilla in order to pardon a local turkey in anticipation of Thanksgiving. This proved to be a slightly absurd but ultimately unremarkable event. But what came next was positively surreal. After the pardon Palin proceeded to do an interview with a local TV station while the turkeys were being SLAUGHTERED in the background!!
Happy Thanksgiving from Governor Palin and your friendly neighbourhood Turkey Slaughterer.

It is very refreshing in a way to see her without the phalanx of minders and the Armani outfits that go with the Presidential Election.

Next up Gordon Brown pardoning haggises on Burns night and Kevin Rudd intervening to limit kangaroo culls.

Thanks to the Huffington Post.

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Ms Smack said...

That made me want to become a vegetarian...

Colin Campbell said...

You have to wonder who was advising here there. Lamb to the slaughter?

We are going vegetarian this week (or at least mostly). Not because of this. Just to see whether we can.

Chervil said...

That was a very funny story - although I hope Sarah will soon sink back into oblivion.

We are kind of part-time vegetarian - well, my six year old insisted for a while to be a vegetarian but I just found doing different meals too much. Also, I still have quite a bit of meat sitting in the freezer from buying organic grass-fed beef whole-sale, and I certainly won't let that go to waste. However, we only eat meat 2-3 times a week, and I find that is plenty.

I do think, however, we should eat more kangaroo!

movie buff said...

this interview demonstrates Sarah Palin's cunning ability to use the media for her own ends. For example, the turkey in the background is designed to appear accidental... in reality she put that flailing bird directly behind her to warn anyone who might oppose her rise to power: Submit now or die.

jmb said...

Just heard this story today from my son-in-law who wants to have pheasant for Thanksgiving. Last time I had pheasant it was gross because our host had bagged it and it was full of shot! Needless to say I am trying to convince him otherwise.

Colin Campbell said...

Mmm crunchy pheasant. Comes with free set of new teeth.

We used to have many pheasants who would hang around in our neighbourhood. The local lord of the manor would breed them for his chums to shoot. He was such a pheasant plucker.

Never tasted them, but I understand that they are very gamey.

bigrab said...

Colin, I posted on my blog this quite independently (I saw it on Boingboing). This could have been the most powerful woman in the world.


Colin Campbell said...

It is clear that she fancies the top job. As far as I know, only the President gets to pardon turkeys and this is a new thing for the Governor of Alaska. Practice makes perfect no doubt.

I am very much in favour of not pardoning any turkeys. Just make sure that you don't vote for them. There must be lots left over after the last round of US elections kicked many of them out of Congress. And thankfully they also kicked out one of the most crooked, Ted Stevens of Alaska. Where was that place that Palin was from again?

Liz said...

Oh, I was going to say that they do that in the White House (I watch West Wing and know all about the goings-on) but I see you have said it so i could not have left a comment but I have now.

Braja said...

Well, I'll say this for her: at least she's showing all those animal slaughter supporters what it takes to fill their bellies, huh? :)))