Thursday, November 27, 2008

Getting High on Tomatoes?

A Scottish Pensioner living in Sheildaig is recovering after being bust by the drug squad, who mistook her tomato crop for weed.
As Lulu Matheson was warming herself by the fire at her remote rural cottage, police and sniffer dogs burst through the door.
The officers were sure that the house was a cannabis factory – and refused to accept that her pot plants weren’t . . . well, pot plants.
Despite protestations by the 79-year-old widow that they were looking at her family’s prized tomato crop, the officers insisted on sending samples of the plants to be analysed.

I was surprised that you could grow tomatoes in Sheildaig. When my brother was in cannibis growing mode when he was in High School, he would often start off his cannabis plants in the greenhouse before transferring them outside. I don't think my mum ever knew what those interesting looking plants were. Not tomatoes, that is for sure.

Here in Adelaide there is a massive hydroponic cannabis industry, with excellent growing conditions and lots of places to hide cannabis plantations in remote parts of the state. Our last house had a very big garage which the previous tenants had converted into a cannabis growing farm. They were busted when one of the neighbours spotted the illegal electrical connection glowing red. One of our friends, who is a helicopter pilot here told me of his trips to identify cannabis plantations. He said it was very intangible the identifying factors from the air, but it was a very unique look.

Not so for the bobbies in Sheildaig. I hope they bought her some tomatoes from the supermarket to replace the ones they tested.

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Jayne said...

I just commented on this very story, too, LOL.

♥ Braja said...

Ahhh....the massive hydroponic pot industry. You've reminded me of my youth in Adelaide. Why, all the way over here in India, I can *see* the sun glinting off all those glasshouses....

jmb said...

Well some people need a botany lesson don't they?

Adelaide may be a good place for growing "weed" but I think BC is acknowledged as growing some of the best there is. The house opposite us was a grow-op for almost a year but we never suspected until it was busted.

Unknown said...

Hilarious. Sheildaig is one of my favourite places.