Sunday, December 17, 2006

Kill Osama New Terrorism Strategy

From The Australian

An Indian state government has issued shoot-to-kill orders against a rampaging elephant named Osama bin Laden.

The rogue bull elephant has killed at least a dozen people in the northeast Indian state of Assam in recent weeks, including three in a single day.

The death sentence on Osama, a wild makhana (male elephant without tusks), was announced in the Guwahati State Assembly by Forest and Environment Minister Rockybul Hussain. A licensed hunter had been hired, Mr Hussain said. "We have asked him to kill Osama before December 31."

Under Assam law, elephants declared rogues have to be killed with a single shot. But in the past three years, five have been sentenced to death and only one killed.

Admitting it was a painful decision, Mr Hussain said: "We don't want the elephant killed, as it is people who have forced the animal to go on a killing spree. But the accused elephant has been smashing down huts, crashing through the fields, and trampling people."

Perhaps Dubya could learn from this strategy.

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