Saturday, December 09, 2006

The Worlds Most Expensive Curry?

A group of English cricket fans watching their team play in Australia were so desperate for a curry from their favourite chef that they ordered one from Britain, and the restaurant's managers promised to deliver.

Nasir Abdul, manager of the Bombay Nights restaurant in Bath, western England, said it was furthest takeaway order the restaurant had ever received, although it had flown food to Germany for soccer World Cup fans this year.

"We were shocked when we first got the order and thought someone was having laugh, but we then realised it was genuine," said Abdul on Friday.

Abdul and his business partner hope to fly to Perth on Monday to deliver the order of lamb tikka masala, lamb dansak, mushroom pilau, tarka dhal, sag aloo and pratha bread at a cost of 1,500 pounds for food that would normally cost about 140 pounds.

Based upon my own experience in Adelaide, there are some pretty good Indian Restaurants around.

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Unknown said...

You're not wrong. Here are 36 Indian restaurants in Adelaide to get the ball rolling. All with menus too.