Thursday, September 25, 2008

Only 11 Thousand Kilometres for a Football Match

Adelaide United FC logoImage via WikipediaAdelaide United the local A League team have drawn a home and way semi final in Tashkent, Uzbekistan against Bunyodkor in the Asian Champions League. That is a 22 thousand kilometre round trip and a long way to go to play 90 minutes of football.

The Uzbek team is coached by Zico and features Rivaldo. Remember him? He is on a 7 million dollar a year contract. Adelaide's payroll this year -$1.75 million. The Japanese team they beat in the quarter finals had a payroll of $22 million. Interesting contrast.

Hopefully they will get some weekend games rescheduled so that they can prepare properly. No doubt some of the players will have the chance to increase their salaries next year.
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James Higham said...

You manage them, Colin?

Colin Campbell said...

No. I only do Fantasy Football and I am not so good at that. Happy to see the little guys have some success.

Unknown said...

Somehow Saturday's Forfar Athletic v. Dumbarton has assumed a rather less glamarous status than it had earlier!

Jayne said...

More football talk!
*runs away*

Colin Campbell said...

Welcome Big Rab. Finally able to leave a comment.

If you are in Tashkent that day, just take along a red flag. No doubt you will be murdered on the spot.

Colin Campbell said...


On behalf of the blog management we would like to apologise for the unwarranted intrusion of parochial sports coverage on this blog. You can be assured that this will not happen again this week.

We like to keep things more highbrow around here generally.

Sporty McHagggis
Chief Sports Blogger

jams o donnell said...

Good uck to them. I hope they win