Monday, September 01, 2008

Spring Arrives

Golden Wattle in full flower on the banks of t...Image via Wikipedia The first day of Spring is National Wattle Day here in Australia. Acacia Pycnantha, one of the native wattles is the Australian National Floral Emblem and the source of the green and gold.

They are present here in Adelaide, but many have been ripped out as land has been developed. Attempts are being made to reintroduce them in gardens and I have grown seedlings in my back garden for planting.

At the moment, they are in full bloom.

That and the cherry blossoms make for a nice change after the coldest August for many years. Ryan and I passed this one as we looked around our old neighbourhood on Saturday.

Happy Wattle Day Australia.
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jmb said...

A day I remember being celebrated and I also remember the bright yellow trees with fondness. On the other hand, we have one of those Kwanzan cherry trees and we call it fairyland when it drops 5 million bright petals all over our back garden.

Colin Campbell said...

All very beautiful. Very soon the Magnolias and warmer weather.

Anonymous said...

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