Friday, September 12, 2008

Popular in the Antipodes

There are more Campbell's per head of population in Australia and New Zealand than the UK, joining many other Scots escaping Haggisland for more prosperous pastures. Here in South Australia, the density is lowest of all Australian states (no convicts were sent here).

This interesting tool shows how popular your surname is around the world and likely where your ancestors decided to set up shop.

Thanks Alex (Biarritz?) Massie


jmb said...

That was fun. My name is 1000th as rare as yours but New Zealand is also the winner. Well my husband's Dad came from there to Australia and he was one of 12 children! Still only 23 per million. Where I live, in the telephone book there are only us and our son, even in Sydney my husband's family were the only ones years ago. I'll have to look next time we come.

Wolfie said...

Perhaps it’s the warmer climate on the other side of the world that has caused the explosion in the Campbell fertility? Or possibly just that the beer isn't so potent down under.

Sarah said...

Actually, it goes nowhere near showing how popular surnames are around the world- it's got a very strong western bias. I typed in my husband's surname, one that originates in Ghana and Togo, and got not a single hit for Australia or either of those countries, but quite a few for the UK (as might be expected, given the number of west african migrants there). A bit disappointing, but hardly unexpected, given the logistics of the task of tracking down every single surname in every single part of the world. Still, it's fairly misleading to call it a 'world' surnames tool.

Anonymous said...

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