Sunday, July 06, 2008

Capitalism 101

Find and develop a market for your product.

When your customer spurns you, destroy the market.

$150 a barrel for oil will be cheap if any of that sort of stuff goes down.

Thanks Wolfie.


Baht At said...

Well there are those US christians who are looking forward to war in the middle east because they believe that it will herald the second coming and their assumption into heaven.

Unfortunately they have a vote and influence on nutters like Cheney and Bush .... I do wonder whether they will deliberately start a war with Iran if it looks like Obama will win and their chances of bringing about the End of Days diminish.

Colin Campbell said...

I think that is the thing that we should worry about the most. Nothing like a national security emergency to drive wavering voters back into the embrace of a safe and sure gun toting US President.

Instead of Commies, it is towel heads who are the threat to world order. For big oil, they make money if oil is $150 per barrel or $300 per barrel.

We are all fucked if that goes down.

fake consultant said...

you think you're screwed?

i live here.

Anonymous said...

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