Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Victoria Wins Dimwits of the Day Contest

Here, Here and Here.

Take your choice.

Personally I vote for the Terrier Bankmailers. Our new canine is a grey version of this dog. Personally, I would ask for more.

In evidence tendered to the court, Scott Wilson, 18, and Andrew Davidson, 46, hatched the plan in March this year.

A co-owner of the dog said she found a front window of the couple's Ringwood East home forced, the dog missing and a note written on a napkin on the floor.

The note was addressed to her partner.

It read (sic): "Found your dog, willing 2 do a trade, one unregistered handgun + ammo.

"Place it in bin beside handycap parking in a towl at 7pm sharp at the Ringwood East FC with your contact details here ...

"(Phone) for your dogs safe return

"Failure to comply or police contact and theres no hope for your dog".

Under police guidance, the man wrapped a brick in a towel and left it as instructed.

Wilson and Davidson were then arrested at the scene.



Jayne said...

We're deporting those twits over the border to South Oz, Colin :P

Colin Campbell said...

Thanks. Will you charge a fee?

griselda said...

Well thank you, Colin. Are there some Victorians still alive downunder then?

Lord James Bigglesworth said...

My goodness that woman gets about.

Just a little question, Colin - how do you explain the Cornes and Chocko Syndrome, you know - that the only good Victorian is a dead Victorian?

The Big V will live on though, I'm sure.


Lord James Bigglesworth said...
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Colin Campbell said...

I have no energy to commment on those two.

Looks like this is not the year of the interstate clubs. Other than Sydney, none look much of a chance. Sydney have Slugger Hall back for a home game this weekend, which will likely sink Adelaide's finals chances. The Western Australia teams are nowhere and Brisbane is very inconsistent.