Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Spoil Sports

An 80 year old former Olympian has been banned from running up the down escalator in a department store, in an attempt to recreate his former training regime.

The manager said it sent the wrong message to young people.

Ryan used to love to do this. First it was mastering the escalator and then moving on to more challenging variations. I have vivid memories of his cheeky look as he timed his run up the moving stairs.

No children were harmed in the supervision of this play activity.


Jayne said...

Yes, goodness forbid that the wrong message be sent to young people because all other messages (drinking, driving under the influence, taking drugs, raping, robbing, bashing, destruction of property, train surfing,etc) they're getting are soooo wholesome and pure!

CalumCarr said...

I've always wanted to do this but never had the balls to just have a go.

Colin Campbell said...

Only in the movies Calum? Police chase and the like.

I always liked to move backwards for a few steps so that you can stand still. In Carrefour in Singapore, the kids liked to go backwards on the travelator. Unfortunately it was usually pretty busy.