Saturday, July 05, 2008

Scotsman Sets World Record

So what do you think? Should I install it?

I hate it with software. Everything is going along smoothly and they bombard you with inducements to upgrade to the next level. I have Vista on one computer and XP on my work computer. I much prefer XP. Simpler, faster and less buggy. Microsoft has stopped selling it now. We are all stuffed.

Too many questions for the average human.
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CherryPie said...

I have XP on my desk top and vista on my lap top. I would choose XP any time it is much easier to use and is less memory hungry!

At work we are just upgrading from NT to XP. LOL

jmb said...

I upgraded Firefox on the first day on my laptop but was not too happy at some parts, bookmarks got quite jiggered up, and quite a few of the plug-ins did not work with the new upgraded version. So I left the old Firefox on the desktop. I'd say wait a bit.

Wolfie said...

I have to agree about the plugins incompatibility issues with firefox 3 but I did find the added speed and increased stability useful. It only took me 15 minutes to get my bookmarks back the way I liked them.

Overall I like the upgrade a lot and have installed it on all my computers at home and office. Its far better than IE.

Colin Campbell said...

I find IE very cumbersome. I use it at work, where it is the default.

At home I use Firefox almost exclusively.