Thursday, July 17, 2008

SA Government Radical Speed Camera Plan

The South Australian Government is set to spend $3.5 million on new speed cameras.

This after a survey of residents revealed that only 56 percent believed that speed cameras were about revenue raising rather than reducing the road toll and making roads safer.

"The new cameras will reduce court time and get these crazy drivers of the road for good. While there may be a short term spike in the road toll, the longer term outlook was good based upon modeling done by the manufacturer" said a spokesman.

Got You You Bastard???

This guy is lucky to be alive.
Recommend he stays out of South Australia.

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TBRRob said...

It's like a NuLabour nightmare. They'd never do this. Cos you can't tax dead people.

Colin Campbell said...

Speed camera fines are way out of proportion to the offence. It is encouraging that at least 50 percent of the population see them for what they are.

Baht At said...

Don't see the problem with speed cameras myself - if people break the law they should be convicted.

Certainly speeding drivers cause more problems than say shoplifting yet the petrolheads never say let us speed and in return the rest of you can shoplift.

Jayne said...

Read a recent article in The Sunday Post that Scotland's only permanent speed cameras had slashed the death toll on the A77 Glasgow to Stranraer Rd.
If it saves lives, can anyone really claim speeding fines are too high?

Colin Campbell said...

Too many in South Australia are on fairly minor roads and are focused on revenue raising in my mind. That and red light cameras. Granny got a $180 fine for going through an amber light.

Lord James Bigglesworth said...

Rob's right - they have to keep us alive to tax us.

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