Monday, July 28, 2008

New Family Pets

Not content with two dogs, two rabbits, two goldfish and seven budgies, Ryan has taken to more unusual options for family pets. On the way to planting trees with the Scouts yesterday, he was telling me that he wanted a pet Tarantula. He had read that the venom could be removed and that they would be nice to hold. I am certain that he has not run this one by his mum.

His other hopes are for another cat to replace the beloved Chester and some Hamsters and Guinea pigs. The Terrapins that were must have a few months ago are apparently forgotten for the moment. He even recognised that the Alpacas that we passed on the way were a bit impractical for our back garden.

I was glad that he did not add these two critters which were demonstrated after the mass tree planting, to link to the type environment that was being created, to his list of preferred pets.

When we came back we got to see a nature bunfight. The Jackdaws were screetching in the huge gum tree across the road. When I went out to take a look I found that a Koala and a baby had taken up residence high in the tree. The birds were less than impressed. I always thought that sort of thing only happened in kids books. I have vivid memories of a black and white book I got when I was younger about family life in Australia. One of the plates was of the family saying hello to the backyard Koala.

Finally I was able to live out that childhood fantasy about Australia which I had growing up in Scotland. I must have been about the same age as Ryan is now. It is easy to imagine then why he wants to have Tarantulas.

It is also nice to see animals in their natural environment from your back yard. Koalas are relatively rare in suburban areas, and have many challenges in surviving in an increasing urbanised environment, although it is not unusual to hear about them crossing roads on traffic reports and last year a neighbourhood Koala was reported to be visiting a family and sitting down to watch television in the northern suburbs. Now that would be a great pet for show and tell. Instant kudos.

It is also a cold night to be out with babies up a 30 metre gum tree. Last night was the coldest July night in 25 years. The dogs ears were freezing when they came in this morning.

Tough life being a pet.


Jayne said...

I think the names Smiley and Cuddles would work perfectly with those two cutesy-wutesy, widdle snuggly critters :P
Then again I think the moon is made of green cheese, too :P

Lord James Bigglesworth said...

You don't let the dog inside at night as we have here?