Friday, July 25, 2008

Winehouse Waxes Lyrical

I wonder if this will get her to shut up.

Her sailor-inspired tattoos are lovingly reproduced, including a lightning bolt, horseshoe and pin-up girls on her arms.

Onya Amy. You got in before Gordon. I wonder if he has any bad taste tattoos?


Jayne said...

I think Gordon Ramsay is actually hidden in her beehive hairdo, a la Where's Wally :P

Nunyaa said...

Amy is so trashy, don't know what people see in her.

Colin Campbell said...


Where the fuck is Gordon?


She has a lovely voice darling.

Colin Campbell said...

I was actually talking about Gordon the Dead Duck PM of the land of my ancestors.

James Higham said...


Nunyaa said...

Yes she does Colin but the rest of her and her behavior just ruins it, am with James on this, Uggh!

Jayne said...

Ok well him and his sad policies are hidden in her beehive, along with Gordon Ramsay and any remaining talent she might posses :P

Ms Smack said...

Oh I despise her!