Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Petrol Getting Expensive in Melbourne

From The Age

McKinnon service station owner Steven Biviano said one customer drove up to 45 minutes from the western suburbs to buy unleaded fuel at $149.7 a litre.

Mr Biviano said more than 200 motorists seized the chance to buy discounted fuel after he slashed the bowser price by 10 cents between 11am and 12pm.

Unleaded petrol is selling for up to $168.9 in Melbourne today, according to the RACV.

"People were queuing for around the block ... I really didn't think there would be that many," Mr Biviano said.

"There was everyone - young and old - even a small truck pulled up."

I wonder if people are sniffing the petrol before buying?

Even the RACV are in on the act. Scaremongering?

RACV spokesman David Cumming said petrol prices could soar to as high as $171.9 by this afternoon.

"That's what they did last week ... I see no reason why this week wouldn't mirror last week," Mr Cumming said.

But he said as of midday prices had not risen, which was "quite unusual" for Wednesday, typically the highest priced day of the week.

Perhaps some copy editing would help?
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Jayne said...

Might be getting expensive but it didn't stop every man and his dog from sitting, bumper to bumper, on the new car park named Eastlink last Sunday!

Colin Campbell said...

I am just about to get into my cash sink and head off down South Road myself with every man and his dog, cat and guinea pig as we inch out of Adelopolis out to Outer Suburbsville.

Lord James Bigglesworth said...


Hang on - something wrong here.


Lord James Bigglesworth said...

Or even $1.689?

Colin Campbell said...


I think your last guess was closest. $1.69 tonight as I drove home. It goes up by about 20 cents midweek here in Adelaide.

Ian said...

155.9 here tonight, but no doubt it will be about 10 cents more tomorrow.

Wonder what the economics of driving 45 mins to save 10 or even 20 cents a litre is? In my car thats $6-12, less the cost of running it, which would have to eat a fair chunk of that saving. Never mind the value of one's time.

Liz said...

I did a double take then! Surely it can't be that much? Not until next week at least ...

Colin Campbell said...

I was surprised when I called the Age to let them know about the typo that the article was edited, but that the mistake was still there. Petrol is about $1.50 a litre in Australia.

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