Tuesday, July 22, 2008

When Do You Throw Out Your Ugg Boots?

These are my first and only pair of Ugg Boots. I bought them over 5 years ago and they have been everywhere with me. I have them patched up with masking tape after Rufus decided that they made a great toy.

I know that they are uggly, but I am reluctant to part with them. They are part of my process of becoming an Aussie.

I am surprised at the fashion Ugg Boots that some people wear about town. Not me, I like daggy ones.
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Lord James Bigglesworth said...

Think they are usually turned into earmuffs for the footy, aren't they, Colin?

Miscellaneous-Mum said...

My sister still has her 15 year old pair. They're quite disgusting, but she refuses to give them up

CelloBella said...

I recently - last year - bought a new pair after giving my four year old ones up (although they are still in my cupboard. I had to hold them together with a pop sock. Sad.

The new ones have spare souls so that fluffy goodness is maintained.

Worth it I think.


jmb said...

Those and Crocs, both uggly. No I don't own either.

Colin Campbell said...

Uggly, but comfortable. Shuffle shuffle everywhere.

sally in norfolk said...

not lucky enough to have Ugg boots but i do have crocs :-)

Ms Smack said...

Question: when does one throw out ugg boots?

Answer: Never!

Well, maybe if they really start to reek, but not until you have a new pair... but then, they take a while to wear in...

Mine are about 4 years old, I love them and sometimes wear them under my desk at work... especially in this cold snap we're having!

Anonymous said...

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