Friday, July 04, 2008

Let's All Be Friends

Dubya may be paving his way as roving diplomat with his kiss and make up back flips on Nasty Nasty North Korea (John Bolton was spitting when I heard him on the radio) and that tricky terrorist Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. Who would have thought that he would be up there with that nasty terrorist Obama Bin Hussien?

I suppose that means that the Axis of Evil is down to the Mad Mullahs with the oil and lots of gyroscopes spinning on their axis of evil to tackle. It's getting lonely in the Demonised by Dubya Department.

Meanwhile back in the Oval Office, the soon to be ex President and the soon to be War Capitalist are discussing annihilating bad boys.

Dumbya: "Yee Ha Can We Get some Big Boys Down before I head off back to Crawford, Dick? Please Please Pretty Please?"

Cheney: Don't Worry Mr President our friends are planning a Good bye Fireworks Display for you. More Shuck and Awe than you could shake a turban at.

Dumbya: Laughs

Cheney (on the Phone) : That would be a yes Ehud.

Dumbya (absent mindedly): Can we go Quail Hunting this weekend?

Cheney (jumping up and down excitedly) : Yeeeeeeeees! (Think: Job Security, Share Price Options, Halliburton here I come......)

Cut to commercials.

I think we know who the real Axis of Evil are.
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Baht At said...


lemme guess

USA, Israel and Canada

Colin Campbell said...

I think the new axis of evil is Cuba, Venezuala and the mad Mullahs. Must have some countries to demonise to drive some votes in November.

Lord James Bigglesworth said...

Can you send me the recipe, Colin, for that cocktail you're on? Fine writing.