Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Boof Picks Beach Cricket and a Beer over Lame Redbacks

Darren Lehmann, South Australia's finest contemporary cricketer, former State Captain, Test Cricketer, Captain of Yorkshire....... has finally given in to temptation and chosen to participate in the XXXX Beach Cricket in January rather than hanging in their to play the real stuff. Great sportsmen know when to stop and this is obviously the right time.

Talking during his farewell news conference at the Adelaide Oval yesterday, Lehmann reflected on how much the game had changed.

When he started in 1987, state team training was no more strenuous than a jog along the Torrens River bank then back to the oval for a beer.

Now the players sweated and strained for hours before being immersed in ice baths. "When I started it was beers on ice - now it's players on ice," he said.

I could imagine that the rigours of training and ice baths would do anybody in towards the end of their career. Pass a XXXX Darren (or rather something else please).

Update: Having decided to retire, Darren hit centuries in his final matches, both victories against Western Australia. Not bad for an old geezer, sponsored by a crap beer with plans for a career in beach cricket and family life.

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