Thursday, November 29, 2007

Cardinal Abbott Set to Lie Low

Tony Abbott, self confessed Praetorian Guard to John "I'm History" Howard has not ruled out a run for the Liberal Leadership if it gets to the night of the long knives stage. Despite only managing to drum up 5 votes including his own, his political future seems to depend on the dwindling numbers of the John Howard Fan Club in the Liberal Party (Tony Abbott and ???) and even worse opinion polls for the Liberals. Talk about a catholic approach to politics. "Whip Me Whip Me"

Kevin and the Labor boys and girls must be quaking in their boots (Not!) at the thought of Tony Abbott at the dispatch box. Almost guaranteed to be worth 5 percent two party preferred. Praetorian sounds like a viscious dinosaur. I wonder if that is why it appeals to one of the many reasons John Howard is about to write his memoirs.

Hello Tony it is over. Get over it.

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