Sunday, November 25, 2007

Demolition Completed



James Higham said...

Interesting you chose these photos, Colin, when there were nicer ones of John.

Bit sad really, wasn't it? Oh well, he'll possibly retain Bennelong.

On the positive side, Rudd is a Christian so that will stick it to the Atheists.

Colin Campbell said...

I have to say he was very gracious in his concession, which I watched as things unfolded. Nothing like all your plans unravelling. As Tony Abbott said, he did not deserve to end his career like that. I agree, but he could have chosen a better ending, but his ego got in the way.

Now for a major move to the right by the Liberals and many years in the wilderness.

Anonymous said...

So who won then??

Colin Campbell said...

The Good Guy won.

Anonymous said...


Delurking to tell you it was GREAT!

Best birthday I present I could have hoped for. Oh except if Costello resigned too...what's that? He did? Woo hoo!