Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Start of our Fantasy Life of Crime

Now I know why our kids have been acting odd. They love these and have made many different creations over the last few months. Other than the high you can get, they are exasperating to keep track of. Gazillions times worse than lego with little pieces everywhere.

The toy is produced by Melbourne company Moose and won this year's toy of the year award at the Melbourne Toy and Hobby Fair. Bindeez consists of colourful craft beads that are joined together to create designs. They are sprayed with water to fix them.

The company yesterday ordered a nationwide recall of the Chinese-made product, saying a chemical had been substituted without the company's knowledge. The toy contains beads that have been found to contain a chemical that the body metabolises into gamma-hydroxy butyrate (GHB), also known as "grievous bodily harm". It should instead contain a non-toxic glue.

I wonder if we will be nailed for drug running. We just sent Bindeez to the rellies in the UK.


fake consultant said...

these make an erector set look like a booger in comparison.

and shaw was right: youth is wasted on the young.

jmb said...

This is a very sad thing for the toy company, especially before Christmas. This sounds like a continuing story for goods made in China (which is practically everything now) where unscrupulous people are trying to make extra profit from ingredient substitution.

Colin Campbell said...

That was what I took out of the story. I think that there will be a severe backlash relating to the safety of childrens toys coming out of China. It is sad, because other than it being a bit annoying to tidy up it is a great toy.

Andrew Boyd said...


I can remember when you'd be in serious trouble for sending hard drugs to children through the mail... we live in enlightened times :)

Seriously, though, it is a big f*ckup, and someone should get their arse kicked for allowing it to happen. GBH is not for children.

Best regards, Andrew

James Higham said...

Now you know why the kids have been acting strange? Now I know why you've been acting strange! :)

How's the house shifting going?

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

They look very addictive to me - I wanna play!

jams o donnell said...

Opps. I remember the god old days when toys contained nothhing wrose than harmless lead paint....