Thursday, June 05, 2008

Anthem for Teenagers

Our kids are usually a lot more talkative than this. Not looking forward to Nope, Yup, Maybe... too much. My daughter is already using sms speak in some of her notes from school. It makes me feel icky. Call me a curmudgeon, but there is plenty time for lazy writing later in life.

Thanks FXH


Suze said...

OMG that was TOO funny. I liove with 2 teenagers and showed one of them.

Me: Wasn't that cool?
Him: Yup

Lol fortunately mine are both still quite chatty, so there is hope :)

jmb said...

Well get ready for it. Plus they live in their rooms with the door shut and their headphones on and now I guess in front of a computer instead of reading a book.
Still they do progress later to interactive human beings.

SMS speak? I suppose I should know what this is.

Colin Campbell said...

thx 4 describing my futR JMB. DIS iz wot I mEnt.