Thursday, June 12, 2008

Are men boring?

Sabine Durrant thinks British men are boring.

Not judging from the long and boring article itself and the witty comments to the article.

I recommend skipping the article and reading the hostile reaction she stirred up.


Jim Callaghan said...

I don't know if British men are boring...but the British men that British women seem to fancy are pretty dull, with their identikit little tattoos and their piss-weak lager and total absence of conversation.

Jim Callaghan said...

Barman! Pint of bitter.

And make it bitter...

Nunyaa said...

Read the article, I found it boring, and after halfway through the comments,lost interest. If she thinks British men are boring, she hasn't met a true blue Aussie one. Would rather conversation with a male than that of a woman who is more concerned with tv, gossip and sticking their nose into other peoples business, then again, some old men are like that LOL.