Friday, June 06, 2008

Standby Power Meters

OK I will admit, I am a bit of a gadget head. Not too extreme, but a little. That said, who would have thought I would post on standby power meters. All that electrical juice that is shuttled around the house to keep televisions and the like available to just turn on. My wife likes to turn things off at the plug. I am lazy.

This gadget may motivate me as we work out how much money the power company is making as you sleep.

Thanks Dr Faustus, who has more scoop.


Chervil said...

I am curious to hear how much your computer uses... After reading in the Sydney Morning Herald that a play station could use more power (when left on continuously) than a fridge, I have begun to wonder what my array of computers, printer, scanners, CD burners etc swallows during the day. We have made it a religious ritual to turn everything (including the answering machine) off at the power point each night, and it has made a significant difference.

Colin Campbell said...

I think that the inability to measure is a major hurdle relating to the inability to conserve power (and money). I have not bought one, but am considering it. I am always amazed at how quickly the power meter whizzes around even when all the power is "off".

I turned the television off at the source last night and this morning it wouldn't turn on. After some fiddling it came to life. Not sure if that was a bad omen.