Sunday, June 22, 2008

Guuschevchenko Hiddink goes into Hiding

After stuffing his countrymen in Euro 2008, former all Ozzie Guusssss has gone into hiding with a view to seeking asylum in the Oil Baron Football Republic of Russia.

No doubt the English will be chasing him now in their vain bid to win a football tournament after 40 years. This confirms his appeal to Sun Readers.

I never understood why they gave up on the Home International Championship. At least they could usually win a tournament that way. Not enough TV revenue to pay for those astronomical salaries I suppose.

It seems that the Celtic Cousins have seen the merits of that type of tournament.


Lord James Bigglesworth said...

Well, I think everyone, not only football devotees, are watching and waiting. It's fun.

Colin Campbell said...

He is an amazing coach. What he did with the Australian team was downright amazing. Getting robbed by a dive at the end was sort of intevitable. You have to pay your dues in this kind of game and that he has done.