Friday, June 27, 2008

Martians eat Turnips?

Turnip manufacturers are fast at work trying to work out how to bring Martian turnips down to Earth.

Some Martian dirt has the same basic chemistry as garden soil, a new analysis from the Phoenix lander suggests. The find widens the range of organisms that might be able to live on Mars.
Personally I am curious whether they will find Mars Bars.

And the answer to the ultimate question. Is there water on Mars?

And is there life?

So many questions. I always intrigued by people who say that they want to go. Imagine a diet of turnips and asparagus. That would be a big chunk of you life sitting in a capsule eating packaged foods until your vegetables grew. Probably better to wait for time travel. Personally I would rather stay home and eat Mars Bars.

One of those radio chefs was on yesterday expounding the fantastic culinary benefits of turnips, beetroot and parsnips. I think that is a hard sell, with the major benefit being that they are in season and cheap. I would imagine that Martian Turnips would be a bit more expensive.


Jayne said...

Ahh but the one they find will only be Elvis' deep fried Mars Bars :P

Liz Hinds said...

Isn't that a swede?

Colin Campbell said...

No I think it is Norwegian.

Looks like a turnip to me, but we don't really see many turnips here and I am out of practice. It came up on the Google search and worked for me.

I will defer to your greater knowledge of the vegetable family. I am surprised when my kids don't know some of their vegetables when we go shopping.