Thursday, June 12, 2008


Just don't do it all at once!

And what is bottom right doing?

I am always blamed for all the faux pas in the toilet. I am resigned to my fate.


Relax Max said...

Bottom right is doing it doggie style, my personal favorite, but apparently not allowed in that place with the sign.

And you still haven't answered my question as to whether Aussie toilets flush clockwise or counter clockwise. Ummm, that would be ANTI clockwise to you, I think. This is a serious question which will settle a long-time wager. Please don't think it is frivolous.

Hi Colin. :)

Colin Campbell said...

Clearly I am getting old. It never occurred to me that it was linked with pleasure and procreation. I just don't associate toilets with sex.

As for toilets flushing, I can confirm that in general that toilets are flushed by pushing on top. Water generally swirls in a counter clockwise manner.

Do you need me to post a video?

Relax Max said...

Well, I don't know if he will believe me without a video. But I will try before you go to all that trouble. See, the argument has to do with gravity pull in the Northern vs the Southern Hemispheres. So it was (sort of) a serious question. But since the flow is counter clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere (I just tried it to be sure) I guess I lose the bet anyway. :(

I wasn't trying to be that double entendre about "doggie style", but I guess it came out that way. I was only saying that the sign sort of looked like a dog lifting his leg and doing his business on a tree. Don't you think?

Colin Campbell said...

Ha Ha Funny. I think that either is reasonable.

James Higham said...

Like it, like it.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Cheered up my day as ever, CC!

Andree said...

yes, i want a video of toilets flushing the wrong way, thank you. it would even be good for school, to show the kids. i'll check back tomorrow, ok?