Sunday, June 22, 2008

New Dog in the House

Imagine nominating your dog for an ugly dog competition. Even I think that is cruel. Gus with three legs and one eye, pictured here, ran (limped?) off with the title.

That said, I hasten to guess that your dog is not as ugly as these guys.

I got on to this because our neighbour had to go to hospital at short notice, so we have his little hairy thing for a week. Rufus spent most of yesterday annoying Spotty, trying to sniff his goolies. He is over that after the ever patient Spotty snapped at him a few times. I gave him a bath this morning and then he decided to chase the rabbits (Spotty ignores them). He was very busy under our deck for about half an hour. When he came out I had to give him a bath again. This afternoon he tried to escape and I had to chase him down the street. He was very keen to escape.

Anyway, I think one dog is enough and at least he is quiet and friendly.


jmb said...

Is his name George? Liz might be able to give you some hints on containment, but maybe not.

Colin Campbell said...

His name is Rufus and he is actually quite a nice little dog. It is just such an adjustment to bring new animals into the house. The kids love him and will be sad when he goes home. At least he is just across the road.

Unfortunately the reason he is with us is that his owner go violent when he stopped taking his anti depression medication. We had the police Star Force team across the road for about five hours with a negotiator, guys dressed as Darth Vader, guns, multiple police and the like. He ended up being taken away to hospital in a restraint. Nothing dramatic happened, but it was a bit of a surprise. Obviously he needs to keep taking his drugs.

His mum, who was stressed out was happy to accept my offer to look after the dog until he sorted things out.

jmb said...

OH dear, what a sad story and a bad excitement for the neighbourhood. I hope he gets sorted out and back home although it could take a while.
I registered his name was Rufus as soon as I hit enter. Duh!

Anonymous said...

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