Monday, June 30, 2008

Real Life Second Life

This time you have to come up with real dollars as a Brit auctions his real life as a rug salesman in Australia.

After some earlier hoax bidding in the millions, he was pretty much down to the value of the physical assets ($399,000) when the bidding ended on Sunday. Seems we are worthless outside what we own.

How much would you pay for somebody's life? How much do you think that your life is worth?


Jayne said...

I'm not buying anyone's life - who knows what kind of shriekingly awful parents/siblings and, worst of all, spouse you might end up with?!

eastcoastlife said...

hahaha.... like Jayne, I'm not buying anyone's life. And I won't want to sell my life because it is a rollercoaster ride, the downward is awfully steep. :)

If his life is so wonderful, why sell it in the first place?

Colin Campbell said...

Yes desperate stuff. You would think that would be "only in America", but it was not to be.

Colin Campbell said...

I would be happy to sell my mortgage and credit card bills if anyone is interested. I would keep all the stuff and house.

Ms Smack said...

Can't put a price on that stuff. It's not so much that I value MYSELF more than the monetary figure, but I value my daughter having her mother, and a grand-mother when she's a mother herself.

Those lessons in life, you know?

I hope you're well.

Jayne said...

Tagged you for a meme :P

Anonymous said...

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