Saturday, June 28, 2008

Polygamy and Polyandry is it ever right

Keyser Trad, the former spokesman for the former Wacky Grand Mufti of Australia is pushing for polygamy to be recognised in Australia. I think that this is even less likely to fly than our friends above or of Brendan Nelsons chances of being the next Australian prime minister.

I am no philosopher, but I think that this will never fly in Australia. Although there are steps currently in place to redress some of the civil penalties relating to civil unions, both sides of politics have ruled out gay marriages in Australia. I doubt that polygamy would be higher on the political agenda than that.

What is clear is that there is an underground acceptance of polygamy by sections of the muslim community with religious ceremonies being conducted on the sly. This will likely continue, but is unlikely to be legitimised.

Conscious Earth, currently posting about a trip to Ladakh, where an acceptance of Polyandry is gradually diminishing. Call me naive, but I was not aware of that option. Why would a woman want to burden herself with two guys. Isn't one bad enough? Last week I couldn't figure out why the clothes were coming out of the washing machine all sopping wet. My wife matter of factly told me that it would be good if I pushed in the no spin button. I am pretty good at most domestic chores, but it is no good for my ego to have mechanical button pressing and interpretation humiliation. In a Polyandry situation I might be banished to the shed for a month.

Beautiful photographs in his article, regardless of the moral issues, which is reason enough to take a look.
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