Thursday, June 26, 2008

Orchid Blooming Season in Adelaide


Jayne said...

I'll have about a dozen of each, thanks! :P

James Higham said...

Great stuff if you're an orchid fan, which all the women of my acquaintance were.

Colin Campbell said...

Just down the road from us was an orchid and rose farm. The orchids were just coming into bloom. So many different blooms from very similar looking plants. We have a few, but they haven't bloomed for a while. Must do some research.

Candy Girl said...

Beautiful. Didn't even know you could grow them there. Well. Apparently you can. :)

Anonymous said...

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jmb said...

These are lovely Colin. I have a few too but I wimp out and always buy phalaenopsis because they are indestructible. I have one which I got for my daughter's wedding and she's been married 12 years! Never repotted it, feed it once every two years, maybe. They thrive on neglect.