Sunday, June 29, 2008

Lavinia broadens my Aussie Language Skills

"Ow Ewe" said a cheery Lavinia, the checkout girl at Woolworths yesterday. She was efficient in scanning through my stuff and then as I struggled with my plastic, apologising for being such a goober. "Nurries" said Lavinia with a good corporate smile.

I favour the latter over the former when it comes to what it means.

Onya Lavinia.


Baht At said...

Woolworths? Does anyone still shop there? Over in the home country they only stock the sort of crap only mental defectives would buy.

Colin Campbell said...

Woolworths is actually like these guys here in Australia. In a typical Australian business model, two companies have about 80 percent of the grocery market.

Jayne said...

No wuckers :P

Colin Campbell said...

Is that like no furries?

Ms Smack said...

I like how a simple exchange is captured in a blog-post for everyone to discuss!

I often say 'no worries'; it's become a bit of a habit, I reckon.