Sunday, June 15, 2008

Spotty Vaccuum Cleaner Attack Dog

Now I know why Spotty hates the vaccuum cleaner.

A street-sweeping truck roaring down a New York city street, sucked up a dog and killed it as its owner held the leash.

Robert Machin said he had just finished walking his two Boston terriers and was about to put them into his car when the truck appeared on Thursday morning in the Bronx.

The retired transit worker said he was suddenly whipped around and saw one of the dogs, Ginger, being swallowed by the sweeper's round bristles.

Dogs definitely have sixth sense. Spotty knows instantaneously when I am about to leave the house and is always keen to put his paw up to go along. He shadows me like a bad smell until the decision is made.

He has always hated the vaccuum cleaner and attacks it at every opportunity if we don't kick him out of the house while the machine of terror is doing its job.

We are lucky because we always walk him at our local park where we can reach without going more than 20 metres on the road, other parks that we drive too and the beach.

But death by road sweeper. That has to be about your worst nightmare as a pet owner .


Robyn Rinehart Art said...

That is indeed a dog owner's nightmare, but brings a whole new set of possibilities.... nasty mother-in-laws maybe?

One of my friends recently had her old Staffie dog run over and killed by a visiting girl friend, who felt the bump, bump, and kept going, thinking it was the garden bed. When she got home, she had the horror call from Janis, who had raced him to the vet, where he died on the table.

Colin Campbell said...

Is this a secret plan to run over the mother in law? Instead of a garden bed, it may have to be a big rock??

jmb said...

This is a really horrible story and I would rather not have read it.
Poor Spotty is right to be worried.

Robyn Rinehart Art said...

I would have loved to have seen a past mother-in-law sucked up and brushed over, indeed would have paid for a ticket to watch, but the present lady is a treasure. :0)

Colin Campbell said...

Sorry to inflict that on you JMB. I had just finished a a vaccuuming session and read this article. The two were made for each other.

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